I have a boyfriend.

Long time no sprecken. Let’s jump right in shall we?

I have a boyfriend.

A boyfriend.



Take a moment to appreciate the groundbreaking significance of this life development. I. Have. A. Boyfriend.

I last posted in January (soz lol) and that post was once again about my single status. And now I have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for about a month. How the fuck, I hear you ponder, did this happen?

Well dear internet friend, I will tell you.

Flashback to March. A monday night. This particular monday night was the closing night for a play I had been in, and I was ecstatic. Not that the play hadn’t been fun, but I was sick of it. I was glad to have my nights and free time back, so this particular monday night was a celebration. In true university dorm spirit, to celebrate we got drunk. We was my floor mates and the guys from the floor above. Long story short, I got properly trashed quite quickly. Trashed to the point where I fell off a chair and forgot about it. Trashed to the point where it could have been literally anybody, and the boy in the room above m just happened to be the one sitting closest.

Trashed to the point where when he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him, I said yes.

Now the sex was fine. The sex was quite fun. But god almighty what a horrendous error of judgement. He’s a good guy and we’re friends now, but I regret that night so much. The worst part is that everyone I live with knows.

So I felt a bit shitty about myself, and the next night was crying on my friends shoulder about feeling like a whore and no one would ever love me and I wad doomed to be alone forever.

Two nights later, I hooked up with my boyfriend.

Fucking hell, maybe I am a whore.

It’s not exactly romantic. We were drunk (recurring motif) and once the flirting had started I bailed. Not going to make the same mistake again. I went downstairs to go to bed, and about ten minutes later he was knocking on my door. Ladies and gentleman, no sex happened that night. Well maybe just a little bit, but I digress. And since that night we’ve been hanging out all the time, going on dates, watching movies, text messaging. And now he’s my boyfriend or something.

Having a boyfriend has been rather unlike what I expected it to be. I don’t know what I expected, to be honest, but I feel exactly the same. Except now there’s this guy hanging around who thinks I’m pretty and laughs at my jokes.

Cool. So that’s what happened. Now to the next bit.



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