Hows it hanging guys and dolls?

Life update: I’ve been working on my goals for 2014, cause my life is like, cuh-razy interesting at the moment.

So goal number one was to not get drunk in 2014. To assist me with that, I decided to join the website “Hello Sunday Morning” which is for people wanting to change their drinking habits somehow. You basically set a goal and blog the experience, and have the support of an online community behind you. So far, Like it, especially since it’s not religious nor is it preaching total sobriety. Just moderation.

So, that’s one goal off and running. I’m two weeks sober and feeling fabulous as someone who’s been living off pasta for a week can possibly feel.

Which leads me to goals two and three.

I’ve been wanting to lose weight ever since I was twelve years old, but for the past eight years laziness has constantly killed these plans and smirked at them from the computer or the couch. Enough. This is the year. The year I finally get my act together and change my lifestyle. Goal #3 is to start exercising regularly. Goal #4 is to eat better.

Jumping in headfirst like I always do has never worked before, so I’m taking it gradually now. I started last week by making myself get out of bed early. I started going for walks as soon as I got up, and today went for a run. At my peak this year I ran 5km and nearly died, so I need to work back up to that and hopefully get to a point where I can exceed it.

As for diet, I’m easing into that gradually. At the moment I’m living off the leftover groceries of my friends who moved out (thus the reason behind the excessive pasta consumption). On Tuesday I’m going grocery shopping and beginning to phase better food into my diet. For christmas I’m hoping for a blender so I can make smoothies and soup. Or if I manage to find a job, that’s the first thing I will buy.

So that’s health taken care of. My next goal is to wear sunscreen more often, on the back of advice from a woman called Samantha who is hands down the most interesting person I’ve ever met. I also want to top my grades from this year, read one book per week, and find a job. At the end of 2014 I want to be able to pay my own rent and move off of university accommodation.

These are my goals for overall self improvement for 2014.


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