Life in a dorm

This is the first part of a hopefully ongoing series as I adjust to life in my new residence- a university dorm.

Now, up until now I’ve been living at university, but where I was living was more like a house then anyone else. I shared with five other people, we shared a kitchen and two bathrooms. But over the summer I’ve had to move into the dorm on the other side of campus.

The major difference is that this place has both the look and feel of a backpackers. Not bad, but after a while I imagine it will begin to grate. Namely, my major issues at the moment are the guy across the hallway, who’s playing his music so loudly that it may as week be playing in my own room. Also, I can’t find any power outlets, and now have to climb two flights of stairs to reach my floor.

Rather then five housemates, I now live in a corridor with 23 others. This is certainly going to test my determination to not get drunk again. I’ve already confirmed that at least three of my new dorm-mates smoke pot, and those are just the confirmed few. This, admittedly, could be useful, but enough of that.

Moving on.

I miss my old residence already, and am tired down to my bones from the fifteen odd trips it took across campus to move everything I own. In the rain, naturally. Right, I’m going to try and find somewhere to plug in my fridge and laptop. Will keep you posted on the living situation as it unfolds.


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