Mining my boring life for character attributes.

On Thursday we won the parades competition, a hands down victory more due to the other contestants being terrible then to ourselves being any good. Whatever. Victory is victory, and if we aren’t drinking to our sorrows we might as well drink to our cheer.
Any excuse to drink, really, will do.
So on Thursday night I got well and truly sozzled. I washed cheap jelly shots down with cheaper wine. From there, a mouth full of offered whiskey, a sip of stolen vodka, a sample of something fizzy and red, and a gently forced shot of absinthe to finish on a high. None were mine, except for the cheap wine, which went down easily enough although the previous months had taught me to associate the taste with vomit.
We danced and drank for hours, staring far too early in the evening and consequently ensuring that everything went downhill from about 11 pm onwards. I danced on a table in my pretty pink dress, kicking bottled out of the way without being able to care. They weren’t my bottles, it wasn’t my table, so dance on lass and regret tomorrow.
The night ended like it began, far too early. The following day my body couldn’t decide whether or not it was hungover. To sleep, or to get up and study. Laundry needs doing, and my library books are due back tomorrow and I need to finish reading them. I ended up watching Titanic while binge eating instant mashed potatoes and looking for jobs on he internet, a halfhearted effort to end my current state of unemployment despite knowing my resume really isn’t up to scratch.
The instant mashed potatoes, much to my dismay, have left me painfully constipated, an uncomfortably end to something of a non-day.
And despite cooking a nice dinner in an effort to dull the ache in my belly, I’ve ended up chasing it with frozen pita bread. Despite my best efforts at being a grown up, it seems I’m not quite there yet.
Tomorrow I intend to swim, tidy my bedroom, attend a marriage equality rally, do laundry and return my books, assuming I get them read later tonight. I’ll probably end up sleeping in, missing the rally, giving the pool a miss, coping a fine for my books and watching another movie in the name of ‘research’.

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