Don’t look at your email first thing in the morning.

Looking at your email first thing in the morning is a mistake. Mornings should be a time to minimise the amount of bad things you come into contact with, so as to have a good start to the day. Then, having had a lovely morning, you are capable of dealing with the not so good stuff to come.

When you get up, don’t worry about the day ahead. Go to the bathroom, have a nice breakfast, make yourself a hot beverage and find a quiet spot to drink it and relax. If you smoke, go outside and have a cigarette. Savour your morning. Breath it in, enjoy it. Give yourself at least a solid hour to enjoy your breakfast.

If you’re into this sort of thing, take a bit of extra time and so some exercise. Go for a jog, or even just a walk. Yoga is nice of a morning, as is swimming.

Before doing anything else, get dressed. Put your shoes on. Pull up the bed covers and tidy up your sleeping area quickly. Do the dishes. Be methodical and get into a routine. Have a shower, brush your teeth. When your living space is tidy, when you’re dressed and refreshed and fed, when you’re fully ready and energised and good to go, that’s when you can start doing whatever it is you need to do.

You are in the best possible position to tackle your day and own it.

See, I made a rookie error this morning, and I make a similar error most mornings. When I got up, before I brushed my teeth, before I ate breakfast, before I was dressed, before I put on my glasses even, I looked at my email. And when I looked at my email, I discovered that my university enrolment was still screwed up, and also I don’t have a job anymore.

Bam bam. Two bits of bad news when I was still half asleep and not at all equipped to deal with it. My whole day has been thrown off since. So don’t look at your email first thing in the morning. Just don’t.


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