Guess who’s back in town!

Dumb question really. Who else would it be but me?

But anyway, I’M HOME! New Zealand was awesome. My feelings about it are torn between green eyed jealousy that a country can exist that so totally embraces the natural environment and acts to protect it, and not only that, but makes it a part of their national identity. Meanwhile three and a half hours away there’s Australia, who can’t even consider renewable energy without there being a national debate, a scandal, an outrage, a media circus, and finally some tentative tippy-toe step forward that ends with bursting into tears.

On the other hand, being away always makes me appreciate my home country a lot more. We have our faults, certainly, but it’s like the puppy that eats all your socks and shits on the carpet: somehow, you just love it anyway.

New Zealand was a very cool place. Insanely beautiful, almost to the point of being unfairly beautiful, and I had a really great time.

I have a whole pile of stuff to tell you guys about, but right now my body clock is telling me it’s two hours later then it actually is, so you’ll just have to take that for a teaser.

See you on the other side! (of dreamy snoozy sleepy time that is)

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