Online dating

Okay so before you judge me, know that a) yes I did sign up to an online dating site, and b) your opinion on the matter doesn’t count anyway But now I’m just being defensive.

So yeah. I’ve joined the slightly sweaty heaving pit of awkward encounters that is the world of online dating.

I’m telling you, it is great.

Now I’ll bet all of you are too busy laughing at me to wonder why I’m doing this, but I’ll tell you anyway. First of all, it’s not because I’m lonely, not because I’m desperate, not because I’m horny, and not because I’m under the impression that I’ll meet the love of my life online having thus far failed to do so in real life.

I’m doing it for the same reasons I do many things in life: because it’s funny.

It really is. It’s like watching a really bad sit com except you get to be a part of it. Everyone’s trying so hard to sound cool and above it, absolutely no one admits to being in any way serious, and yet everyone is desperately pawing at each other waiting to be thrown a bone.

I love it.

Seriously though, so far I’ve had fun with my online dating experience. I’ve met quite a few guys and am now very familiar with the awkward silence that follows having nothing to say after the “how are you”s are done. Most of the conversations I’ve had ended after the how-are-you-i’m-good-too business dried up. One, who looks a lot like a guy I knew in high school, is currently chatting to me about his obsession with classic cars and trains. Another messaged me with the instruction to read ’50 shades of grey’ then get back to him. According to his profile, he was 56.
My favourite so far has been a guy who looks a bit like Orlando Bloom who i’ve ben talking to about books. Probably not actually all that, but nice all the same.

In the bit less then a week I’ve been on there, I’ve managed to pick an argument (and win) and be called pretty three times, which is not only something I don’t usually get to experience in real life (the being called pretty part. I win arguments all the time, a perk of being stubborn.) but is also great for my already somewhat inflated ego.

So I mean, if you’ve never given online dating a go but reckon it could be a funny experience, I highly recommend it!

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