2012 was a thing that happened

Every single year on new years eve I get the same weird feeling of “another year, another number, that will never, ever happen again.”

The cool thing about years, numerically speaking, is that every one of them is unique. There will never be another 2012. Today is the final day of 2012 that will ever exist in any stretch of history, ever.

Makes you feel kind of small.

But onward! Here are my thoughts on 2012.

2012 was a pretty decent year. Lots of drama and tragedy, but it had it’s fair share of good things too.

This was the year that Joseph Kony and Invisible Children shot into the international spotlight, and just as quickly fell off it. It was the year of hurricane sandy, of continues uprisings and revolutions around the world, the year the economy continued to limp along ad politicians continued to panic.

It was the year the Obama got elected for his second term, the year the olympics were hosted in London and the year we all realised how much cooler the paralympics are to watch.

A man skydived out of the atmosphere, and Neil Armstrong died. So did Whitney Houston. So did a lot of people, including an english nurse who was involved in a prank call by two Aussie DJs, who took her own life.

It was the queens diamond jubilee. Some fucking idiots abused a woman on a bus in Melbourne and smashed a window, causing a scrutinising eye to be cast over contemporary Australian culture and the racist undertones being forced into the public mind.

Gangnam Style happened and the internet went nuts, the video being the first in the websites history to get over a billion views on youtube. I myself and guilty of at least five of them. Shut up, it’s a damn catchy song.

The Higgs Bosson particle was confirmed to be an actual thing that exists, the internet got nervous as the threat of SOPA hovers in the air, the mars rover landed…

In short, a butt load of interesting stuff happened and I can only remember some of it.

For me personally, it was the first year I spent outside of school. I lived in Europe for six months which was the fulfilment of a life ambition, I made new friends and lost a lot of old ones.
Lowlights were falling out with my high school friends, hugging a girl who 24 hours before had been a rape victim and feeling her trembling uncontrollably (a moment I don’t think i will ever forget for as long as I live), and the first couple of weeks I spent away from home which were cold and lonely and confusing.
Highlights were dancing in Edinburgh, seeing two west end musicals, hearing that Obama got re-elected, visiting Barcelona and falling in love with it, being asked on my first ever date, going to Melbourne, the music I discovered and the movies I got to see.

It was an alright year, eventful to say the least.

I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION TIME! This year my resolutions are cliché and boring, but you know what? I don’t really care!
In 2013 I resolve to eat healthier and try to get into a regular exercise routine, I resolve to wear sunscreen more often and be out of bed before ten o’clock every day. I resolve to be a more relaxed and self confident person, to not feel so awkward around other people, and to make some new friends that don’t make me feel like a tool. I resolve to drink less alcohol and my goal for 2013 is to never get drunk.

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