Moments that make you say “WHAT THE FU-“

The long term unrequited love of my life added me on Facebook today. After my initial reaction of “Holey moley bro!” (because last year he refused to sign up due to being a bigger hipster then me) and the frantic clicking of yes yes oh god yes be my friieeeeeeend, I of course settled down to do some serious Facebook stalking.

And would you believe it,

The bastard has a girlfriend.

That bastard.

And she’s really fucking pretty too. And they seem really happy together.


That bastard.

Weirdly, I’m not that seriously upset about it. In some ways, it’s almost a massive relief, because all those years of clinging onto hope can finally be put to bed because there’s officially no hope.

I am, in some ways, freeing myself. There is no hope, and therefore, I am able to make a serious attempt at letting go.

Still sucks though.

In other news, Apparently the world is going t0 end on Friday.

Well that’s nice.

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