But the dress fits everywhere else!

I’m not usually that interested in the fashion industry, but I’ve been doing the summer clothes stock up and want to talk about an annoying and somewhat contradictory trend. It’s one I’ve talked about briefly before, but I’ve been discussing this problem with a few other girls I know and we all agree that something has gone wrong.

Speaking in generalisations, there are two things women are expected to do the achieve the ‘ideal body type’. Number one, be thin. Number two, have big tits.

Don’t be big, unless it’s in the chest areas. That’s the message I’m getting from my brief flicking through a fashion magazine I found at the doctors. That’s what the idiot boys I used to go to school with would say. They didn’t want a “fat chick” but the bigger the lady’s boobs, the happier he was.

So let’s clear up the obvious issue that this is utter bullshit and is an ideal that only a very small percentage of women can achieve without going under the knife first.

Now the second point I have to make. Over the last fifty odd years, the average bra size for your average woman has tripled.We’re talking naturally bigger boobs, the study doesn’t include women with implants.
The reasons of this are varied, but mostly come back to widespread changes in diet over the last half century. Both healthy diets that are more protein heavy, and bad diets that cause obesity.

Either way, should you be a curvaceous lass or a slender babe, as a whole women’s breasts are getting bigger.

And now my point: why the fuck haven’t clothing sizes adapted for this?

I’m a curvy girl. I can fit comfortably into a size 10 on my hips, waist, arms etc. But in order to be able to breath/ not have my tits fully emphasised by stretched out unflattering cotton, I have to wear either a 14 or a 16.

There’s a whole two or three sizes difference!

I mentioned a fair while ago about the nightmare of trying to buy a graduation dress. Everything that fit my chest sagged elsewhere. Everything that fit elsewhere meant I couldn’t breathe. I ended up buying a dress with a corset waist so I could adjust everything to fit me right. And guess who else wore lace up dresses? About 70% of the female graduating class!

A lot of my female friends experience this issue of having to opt for larger clothing sizes because of their breasts. When you’re going through puberty and discover that because of these boobies you have suddenly acquired you must now wear a size XL, that doesn’t exactly do wonders for the self-esteem.
When you are a young woman, already awkward as hell and insecure, the absolute last thing you want is to believe you’re getting fat. But this little problem with clothing sizes really aint helping.

I reject the idea that women should look a certain way, and I reject the idea that all women should be skinny with great big breasts. But I wholeheartedly embrace the fact that it’s a pain in the butt to go clothes shopping when you just can’t get it right.

*cough* first world problems *cough*.

With every person on earth having a different body type to the next person they meet, getting it right is never going to be a simple task. I don’t have a solution to this irritation, and I’m not going to sit here and demand that something be done about it now!

But to women everywhere going through this irritating phenomenon, I reach out to you and say “me tooooo!”.

So let’s not feel bad about reaching for the bigger size and let’s not judge each other by our clothes or our figures.

And last but not least, let’s all sing out a nice loud ‘fuck off’ to whatever expectations there are for what we should look like. Especially when they don’t make any sense.


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