A unprecedented dilemma

First of all, hello to you new readers! I’m so glad the response to my recent post on Modern Australian Culture was quite positive and constructive. A.k.a, the bogans haven’t learned how to google.

And now, just so we’re being perfectly honest, it should be known that while I do occasionally post social commentary on contemporary issues, most of my blog posts are about me.

But hey, feel free to stick around!

Back to our regular programming.

I have a dilemma. The thought crept in to my head a couple of nights ago, and has proceeded to grow and niggle at me like a irritating toddler.

Should I start eating meat again?

What set off this little vein of thought? Well, I was working at the restaurant and carrying a steak out to a customer. Normally there are so many other kitcheny smells and things going on that I don’t really take much notice of the food I’m delivering, but on this particular night, the kitchen was closing, someone had opened one of the outside doors, and from that gentle breeze the smell of this steak hit me full on in the face.

And damn, it smelt good.

And that got me thinking, about other meaty things I used to eat and enjoy, like lamb chops and Chinese pork, and sausage sandwiches, and chicken nuggets, and fish fingers, and cheeseburgers, and ham on toast, and beef casseroles, and spaghetti bolognese.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve properly eaten meat. Six years come this december.

Now I love being a vegetarian, but it makes life difficult when I eat out with family or friends, or when someone else is cooking for me. When I was travelling, especially in places like Germany and Hungry, it wasn’t only hard to get a vegetarian meal, but also meant I missed out on sampling the local cuisine, which was highly meat-centric.

But it almost feels like giving up and giving in, after resisting for so long. Eating meat used to revolt me when I was younger. I would literally sit and cry at the dinner table if whatever it was too strongly resembled the animal it had once been
It’s weird, but the best way I can put this is that being a vegetarian makes me feel clean. Clean and in control, safe from feeling guilty, from food poisoning. Being a vegetarian has become so much a part of who I am, and the person I’ve spent my life trying to be.
A person that has strong morals and lives by them with actions as much as words.

So in other words, while my appetite is screaming for some meat, my head and my heart are both saying no.

It’s a very weird and highly unprecedented dilemma.

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2 thoughts on “A unprecedented dilemma

  1. It’s a totally personal choice, but as someone on a high-protein diet, I could never do without meat!

    – K.

    • I hear you! I think protein is one of the major reasons to start eating meat again. I swear, if I have to look at another piece of tofu I may just transform into the hulk and start smashing things.

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