The imbeciles journey into the land of awkward dating: The First Date

So it’s Thursday, and I bet ya’ll are wondering:


The way I saw it, pre-date, I thought it could go three possible ways. Number one, surprisingly awesome. Number two, utterly mortifyingly horrible. And number three, smack dab in the middle.

And the winner is:


It was fine. Perfectly pleasant, just a little awkward, and highly uneventful.

But I’ll walk you through it anyway.


What I wore: black skinny jeans, my favourite red shirt, a green cardigan and sneakers. Hair in a bun with a red rose, no jewellery or makeup.

What he wore: australian flag t-shirt, neat shorts, sandals

Where we met: McDonalds for tea and hot chocolate. And despite my former raised eyebrow of skepticism, it was actually fine. Meeting at McDonalds took off a lot of the pressure. It meant the date could be long or short, I didn’t really worry about what to wear, and it was an entirely mutual point. The tea I had was okay.

Conversation: started off like a dyeing weasel. Unfortunately, turns out guy-from-work is quite shy and introverted, and having once been like that myself, did all the stuff that I used to do when trying to converse with someone I hardly know.
The biggest problem was he didn’t ask questions. Even when given an opening:
Me- How are you?
Him- Good.

Me- What bands do you like?
Him- I don’t really… I know what I like when I hear it.

How am I? Oh, I’m great thanks. Oh I love music! I’ve been listening to Foster The people at the moment, but my favourite band is probably Art Vs Science.

But these are things he doesn’t know about me, because he didn’t ask!

But after a slow start and many long, awkward pauses, we started talking about work, and then about school and about the future, and it got a lot better.

How long did it last?
About an hour and a half.

Will you go out again?
I seriously, seriously doubt it.
Basically, there is no chemistry. At all. We’re very different people with very different interests and very different lives. I like him fine and I like working with him, I reckon we can be friends, but nothing more.
If he asks me on another date, I will be very surprised.

So overall:
I had a nice time, I’m glad I’ve finally been on a date, I’m flattered he asked me, but it’s bloody obvious nothing else is going to come of this. So yes! That’s all folks.

What have you learned?
I’ve learnt that I am not as hideously repulsive as I always believed myself to be. I’ve learnt that I’m quite happy and content being single. I’ve confirmed my theory that there is a very big difference between wanting a boyfriend and wanting to be with someone.
And I’ve learnt that this is the best way to snap out of the bubble of longing and pining for what you don’t have; get a taste of it, see what the big deal is, and move on.
So overall, this has been a great thing that happened, and now that it’s happened, I can tick that box, dance my little jig, and walk away from this with a new friend and greater acceptance that I am perfectly okay on my own.

Happy days people, happy days.

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