The imbeciles journey into the land of awkward dating: You want to meet me where?

Welcome to the next exciting instalment of I don’t know what the hell is going on!

So anyway, I’ve been messaging with the guy-from-work-who-asked-me-out to set up a date.

We decided (at my suggestion) to go out for coffee. From what I’ve read and seen, coffee seems like a decent activity for a first date. And anyway, he didn’t have any other ideas.

So once we’d established who was working when, we settled on a day and a time. And then all that was left, was the where.

I suggested my favourite coffee shop- a cool little place that doubles as a bookshop. I like going there when I can.

And without acknowledging this suggestion in any way, guy-from-work responded that we should meet at McDonalds.


You want to meet me where?

Da fuck?

This is the problem that’s been bothering me throughout this whole, weird exchange. We do not know each other at all. Like, kidding around at work is one thing, but who you are at work and who you are in real life are often completely different.
I seriously doubt guy-from-work knows what kind of girl I am, and the impression he’s giving off about the kind of guy he is, is a bit, um, not my type.

I mean, I’m a girl who will text friends back specifically with the purpose of correcting their “your”s and “you’re”s. I’m a girl who buys second hand clothes and goes to the movies on my own, and sits in funky cafés with a paper back and green tea.
I have a theory about how the number Pi can prove how the concept of infinity is flawed and the implications this has on the notion of time being an infinite thing.
I haven’t eaten meat in six years, go to rallies to support causes I believe in, buy t-shirts with slogans like “Take action against hunger” and “I support same sex marriage!”
In other words, I am the most geeky nerdy opinionated person I know, and I don’t think guy-from-work has cottoned on to that yet.

Guy-from-work, who spells ‘what’ without the ‘h’, ‘you’ without the ‘y’ and ‘o’, and seems to think the way to impress a girl on the first date is to meet at McDonalds.

My one regret is that I recently gave away my “McDeath” t-shirt. That would have been awesome.

Anyway, I’m going to go, if for nothing else to tick off the bucket list item, “go on a date”.

Stay tuned, as in four days time the great McDate of 2012 will come to fruition. Oh goodie.

p.s. Here is the actual conversation we had, which is truly priceless.

Me- How about 11am, Thursday, at the Paperback?
Him- thursday 11 at mccafe
Me- Thursday at 11, inside the old woman who swallowed a fly.
Him- wat
Me- I’m hilarious.

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