Today I did something I normally try very hard not to do.

I was at work, and I screwed up.

I was sent outside to get ten pies out of the freezer so they could defrost. Very recently they fixed the door, so instead of just opening when  you nudge it, now you actually have to turn the handle at let yourself in dear god.

And long story short, I forgot.

So there I was juggling ten pies, trying to get a hand free to open the door, and of course, I dropped them.

And because they were frozen, the pies shattered on the ground.

And as I stared at the wreckage, I heard my boss say “Oh god Georgie no!”

And I immediately wanted to kill myself.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been a bit busy lately. Not with anything that significant, just working, as usual.

Although i did go out and have lunch with a friend who’s been off the radar for the past few months, who unexpectedly got in touch a week ago and wanted to see me. Holy crap, what an honour. The feelings of having my company desired threatened to overwhelm me.

So we had lunch, and as I suspected, she told me that she and her girlfriend had made it official. So I have the congrats, we had a nice lunch, and she informed me I was one of the first people she had talked about this with. So that brought on the warm fuzzys for a bit.

I’ve been attempting to do NaNoWriMo but it’s not going well. I hate the story and want to start again, but my new idea is very haphazard.

Writing used to be so much easier. When I was at school and wrote to procrastinate, the words flowed so easily. Now days, with more time and more motivation to be practicing my writing, it’s suddenly so much harder to do. I’m experiencing some anxiety because the degree I’ll be studying for the next four years is primarily for writing. And with this massive cork blocking up the flow of words, how well is that going to go down!

We’ll see.

So that’s a little snap shot of life at the moment. Uneventful as ever.

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