Drowning in a giant crock of shit

Here’s a tip for life: if you ever find yourself with several unpleasant things to do, DO NOT attempt to do them all in one hit. Because even though it gets stuff done, it’s also craptacular.

For example, I tried to sort out my expired car rego and insurance, have to go to work at the job I don’t like, did battle with a printer,  did my taxes, and did those taxes on a fucking shitty PC because for some reason the Australian government has not moved into the 21st century (on more then a few issues) and you can’t do taxes on a Mac.

Oh god it was a hellish overload of crap.

To the point where in a fit of frustration I broke down in tears and had to get my dad to help me. Which being someone who wants very much to be independent, does not make me feel too good about myself!

So it’s been kind of a lame day, in other words.

But in more uplifting news, I’m working a slightly better shift tomorrow, and will be meeting a friend for lunch after, which is nice. And dad paid for my car rego and insurance, which was nice of him! And at least now I don’t have to think about any of that formal crap again for at least another year.


So, that’s life at the moment. He de de.


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