A rant, some happy stuff, and one annoying bit of stuff

Sorry for lack of posts recently, but I’ve been getting into my new blog (http://youshouldconsiderhavingsexwithavegetarian.wordpress.com) and having a ball with it!

Anyone who has checked out my new blog will probably have noticed the 180 turn around in my tone of voice.

Dear god, is Georgie being optimistic for once in her fucking life?

Well, yeah. See, this blog I usually post in when I have something on my mind, usually something that bothers me. My other blog is all about something I’m passionate about- food and cooking. So obviously I sound happier over there.

And I’m going to talk about some more happy things in a moment, but first I just need to rant quickly about something that’s happened to me recently.

So I haven’t seen any friends for over two months now, and I’m going nuts. Everyone still living at home either a) has no interest in hanging out, or b) is busy, which I understand. So two weeks ago I got in touch with a friend who’s at uni in Sydney and said,

“Hi, could I come visit you?”

And she said yes, so I asked “when would be a good day?”

And she said, Thursday, and that I should stay overnight.

Two weeks ago, bear that in mind. So I said okay, and got in touch with work to get the time off, checked the train timetables, and sent her a message to say I was coming down in two weeks time, on Thursday. In other words, tomorrow.

Two. Weeks. Ago. See, I think that’s a pretty fair amount of notice to give someone. And she seemed keen, saying it was going to be awesome and we were going to have fun etc. etc.

So a week ago I wanted to buy my train tickets, and also I wasn’t sure what she meant by “stay overnight”. Stay with her? At uni? Or did I need to call my cousins and call dibs on their couch? I wasn’t sure, and the unfortunate thing about this friend is you can’t ask her questions about things because she gets huffy. So I stayed quiet, assuming she’d let me know. And on that, I got to wondering where we were supposed to meet. Did I need to catch an extra train and meet her at her uni, or would she meet me at central? And what time? Did she have any classes that day? Were we going out? Did I need to bring a change of clothes/ bottle of vodka/ McDonalds vouchers?

So I had some questions, questions I was trying to out off asking.

And then, two days ago with the date looming, I went to ask, but clicked on her Facebook profile and found out that she was actually coming home on Wednesday night.

Um, what?

I was supposed to be going down on Thursday morning to meet her, but Thursday morning she’d be back here! And she hadn’t said a word of it to me.

So I got in touch, asked my questions, and asked what was going on.

Her response: “Awkward! I’ll be back Sydney Thursday afternoon!”

What the fuck?

She didn’t answer a single one of my questions, and with no notice or explanation whatsoever just dropped this on me! I told her two weeks ago that I intended to come and I had to straight up ask her to find out she’s not even going to be there!

I asked what time she was going back to Sydney- maybe we could travel together?- and got no reply. Today, after I booked my ticket for the second earliest train that will get me to Sydney at noon, then she tells me that noon is the time she’ll be leaving.

And here’s the thing. I wanted to spend some time with a friend, and have a few laughs, and relax. But so far, all that’s happened is I’ve been stressed out and jerked around and it feels pretty shit!
I’m going all the way to fucking Sydney to see this friend, got the time off work especially, respected her fucking shit thing about being asked questions, only to be completely fucked over.
And you know what? If I spent the night with her (after spending a day in the city on my own) all we would do is go out and get trashed, and you know what? I don’t want to do that!

I had no idea where I was supposed to be staying on Thursday night, or what would be happening, where we would meet or fuck all anything.

So you know what? Screw it! I can take a fucking hint. I booked a train home for the same afternoon, at five o’clock.

She clearly has no interest in seeing me, and I’m not going to put in the effort for someone who doesn’t care. That’s not how friendship is supposed to work.

I’m sick of this. ever since I got home from Europe I’ve been trying week after week to connect with friends. I stayed in touch while travelling. I called them all the same day I got home, despite being jet lagged as hell.
Even before I left, every time we went out, I had to organise it. I had to call everyone. I had to work around their shitty lives.

Well I’ve had enough! I can’t keep doing this because I just feel like shit and I don’t like it. It’s like banging my head against a brick wall.

So tomorrow, I’m going to Sydney. I’m going to have an awesome day in the city on my fucking own and then go home. Fuck em.


Rant over.


Now to the happy stuff.

Cooking and playing around with food makes me happy.

Painting makes me happy.

Puns makes me happy.

My friend Lisa in New Zealand makes me happy.

Songs make me happy.

Books make me happy.

Swimming makes me happy.

Being organised and prepared makes me happy.

Dreaming about a future when I’m ten kilos lighter, living in Barcelona as a successful writer and in love with a smoking hot but adorably geeky spanish guy, makes me happy.

These things make me feel better when life gets a bit heavy to carry.


And now one annoying bit a stuff.

I freaking hate it when people refer to people as “peeps”.

That is all.

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