I was at work today, at my register, slowly going mad, when this lady came over.

I was serving her, all normal, she paid, then as she went to leave she said “Thanks Georgie.”

And inside my brain, the reaction was “WHAAAAAAAAA?”

I had no idea who this woman was, and yet she somehow new my name. Seeing as I had spent the past hour and a half in a mind numbing state of paralysing boredom, the jolt was somehow amplified to unnecessary levels. Normally, in such an instance, i would assume that I had met the person once before, maybe through my parents, maybe a friends parent. But in this case, with very little else to distract me, everything went into overdrive.

She must be psychic!

Maybe she’s a crazy stalker person.

Maybe she’s come in here before and asked my name and I just can’t remember.

Maybe she’s a secret shopper!

Maybe she was sent by my manager as a test!

And then a second later, I realised I was wearing a name tag.

So moral to this story, I am an idiot.


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