The metaphorical significance.

This was going to be  (ANOTHER) post about my thoughts on love and relationships, but somewhere in the thought process it’s become more about similes and funny quirks in people and the english language.

For example, in the broader context of things, if I were to compare falling in love and romance to going to Paris, that would imply that I meant, falling in love was this exotic adventure to some romantic far away place, the city of love, dreams coming true, a swoony, fuzzy version of reality.

When in fact, as those who have read my blog before already know, I really didn’t like paris all that much, and so when i say “I bloody hope my first romantic relationship is nothing like going to Paris!” this is what I actually mean:

When I was in paris, I felt lonely, insignificant, stupid, lost, frustrated, and above all things, disappointed. Because my extremely high expectations were far from met.

And It occurred to me last night that what with my obsessing over relationships and harbouring this desperation to be in love, what if when (if) it finally happens i end up disappointing myself the same way I did with paris?

Consider this:

When i went to Barcelona I had no idea what I was in for, and I completely loved it. When I was in Paris i had all these expectations and  pre-conceived romantic notions that ended up falling completely flat.

While there were things I did like about Paris, it just wasn’t what I wanted it to be, and that was crushing.

So I worry now, that if I ever fall in love or am in a romantic relationship with someone, isn’t obsessing over it now meaning I am just setting myself up for incredible disappointment?

But back to the point, which is that aint it funny how the metaphorical significance of “going to Paris” can be something entirely different to what it usually ought to be?

I love language.

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