Lists are for buckets

Do you have a bucket list? Why? Have you completed anything off it yet? And what sorts of things do you have on it?

And for the rest of you who are left wondering what I’m talking about, a bucket list is that list people sometimes make of things they want to accomplish in life before they die.

Of course if you happen to die before finishing the list I’m not sure if you’ll really care that much, but for me the bucket list is a way of trying to understand what it is I want to accomplish with the limited time that I have.

You know, dealing with all that existential crisis stuff.

I wrote my bucket list two years ago, when a friend of mine died unexpectedly in a car accident. Beyond being a jolting reminder of the fragility of life, the incident left me with the feeling that I had a responsibility to this friend to live life to the fullest.
So I made the list in an attempt to get things going and have goals to aim for.

There are thirty things on my list, the thirtieth thing being to “complete everything on this list”, so kind of a dud. But the rest vary far and wide.

So far I’ve completed about six things off my list. I’ve gone overseas for instance, sang in a musical, pierced my nose, wore high heels to my graduation*, and a few other things.

The high heels things is among the less substantial on the list, along with ‘solve a rubix cube’ (haven’t done that yet). There are some where it’s a matter of picking a time and just doing it (skydiving, for example). And others that are entirely out of my control (fall in love).

Some are long terms goals (get a university education, move out of home, build a career), and some are not (shave my head for charity, write at least ten half decent songs).

But significant or not, long term or short tern, trivial or poignant, all of them matter to me, and it feels good to be able to cross them off as I go.

For instance, the most recent goal I’ve accomplished was to “be healthy”. Which in my case means, eat better, exercise more, drink alcohol less, and lose the five kilos I needed to lose in order to no longer be considered “overweight”. And I have officially done it!

So yes. Bucket list ahoy.


*The high heels thing should be elaborated on. I have never been a very girly girl and at my year ten formal was the only girl wearing flat shoes. My friends used to mock me quite a lot for not knowing how to walk in heels, nor did i own a pair of heels, and while I didn’t particularly care I did want to fit in at my graduation and not be forever remembered as the girl who failed at being a girl. So in year twelve I bought a pair of three and a half inch pumps and practiced half an hour a day, every day until I could walk in them. For my graduation I wore a dress, makeup, high heels, jewellery, did the hair thing, the works. As soon as I got home I tore it all off and vowed ‘never again!’. But I was proud that I had done it and proven to my peers that I could turn it on if I wanted to. I just didn’t want to.

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