It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my travels, so wrapped up have I been in everyday life, so here we go.

I spent a week in Barcelona in June, and it has taken the crown as being my favourite city in the world.

So far.

I mean, it’s a toss up between Edinburgh and Barcelona, but I think Barcelona takes the crown for two reasons.

One, the weather is better.

And two, when I was in Barcelona I never felt lonely.

Almost all the travelling I did, was done on my own. And as I value my independence this was completely fine, but I can’t deny that at time I did feel rather lonely.
But interestingly, I never felt that way In Barcelona, and I spent a longer time there then I did anywhere else.

The other way Barcelona was unique from every other city I visited, was the fact that I genuinely didn’t want to leave.
I like being on the move and I like having something to look forward to. Usually when I’m in a place, be it home or abroad, I like to have something else in store to look forward to. Right now this place is Melbourne, for next year. While I was travelling, it was whatever city coming up next.
But in Barcelona, I didn’t want to leave. I wasn’t looking forward to moving on, I was sad about it.

It is a truly beautiful and amazing city. It was here I visited my favourite art galleries and museums, here I heard the most interesting stories and met some of the most interesting people. I could wander around for hours and not feel bored or lost. And, on that note, I never really felt lost or out of place.

I also took a day and caught the train out to Mont Serrat. On this day, I walked to the top of the mountain and it was truly spectacular, a day that takes the prize for my favourite memory while travelling.

I never really thought Barcelona would be my favourite city, because I’ve never really paid it much attention before. I was always certain that Paris or London would be my favourite place abroad, but both of those fell somewhat flat.

Interesting how what you imagine, can often be entirely wrong.

So I love Barcelona. I love the history, I love the culture, I love the things to see and do. I love the city wide free wifi, I love the public transport, I love the sunshine, I love the art, I love the architecture, I love the mountains and the beach, I love the fact that everyone is incredibly good looking, I love the legal gay marriages and the second hand shops. I love the drinks and the stories, the people and the places, and above all other things, I love the way it made me feel.

So yes, romantic gushing about my favourite city in the world. A nice change of pace, I think.

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