… Unnecessary pauses

The greatest ambition in my life is to write something worthy of publication.

So I spend a lot of time writing, a lot of time researching, and above all things, a lot of time reading.

I’m one of those people who will read anything. The cereal box, that shit box novel that got slammed in reviews, the insides of birthday cards, billboards. I also read blogs, short stories, my Facebook feed. I read wikipedia pages, youtube video descriptions. I don’t read the comments section on news websites, because that’s an assured way to lower ones opinion of humanity by a significant degree.

And of all the things I read, there is one thing that whenever I see it is annoying enough to stick in my brain and nibble away.

Unnecessary… pauses.

The dot dot dot. It’s a massive pet peeve for me. One of those tiny little things that shouldn’t matter, but just does.

I understand why the pause exists, don’t get me wrong, but fucking hell the triple dot gets used way, way, way too much.

I mean it’s just… annoying. People trying to make themselves sound… intelligent or… poignant or… like they’re saying something… significant. Or like they couldn’t quite find the word and it just… came to them.

Holy shit it’s so annoying!

People don’t talk like that in real life. Yes, pauses exist, but they’re so rarely used in pre-meditation and to build so called “suspense” as the perfect word or punchline bubbles to the surface.
The triple dot pause plagues amateur theatre and bad acting. You can tell straight off the bat when an actor hasn’t got a fucking clue what they’re doing, because the triple pause, in an attempt to sound in the moment and build tension, just sounds contrived and unnatural.

It’s a dumb thing to get annoyed by, but it is annoying and I feel like ranting about it.

So bla de bla haha.

See you next time!

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