Survey fun

Second blog post of the day WHAAAAAAAT???

Aw yeah.

i like answering surveys, and I’m a blogger not a vlogger, so here is where I’ll be responding to this years youtube survey (designed by Alex Day/ Nerimon)

Here we go.

1) Why are you called that?
I was named after a song. My first and middle name to be precise. And the thrilling upshot of this is that whenever I meet any of my extended family or my parents friends, they sing at me. Thanks mum and dad.

2) Tell us about your favourite school teacher.
I don’t have one for primary, because they were all fine. But in high school, overall my favourite teacher was an english teacher called Miss Mackie. I had her for english for four years, and drama for two. I liked her because we clicked well and were able to discuss interesting things in class. English and drama were my best subjects at school, and so it was good to have a teacher I got along with.

3) What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?
I would say dirt, but that’s not technically a food.
I can’t really answer this question because I’ve never really eaten anything that weird. Because I’ve always liked vegetables, my peers thought I was a bit odd through primary and early high school for loving eggplant, brussel sprouts, broccoli etc.
But that’s not really the same thing is it.
I’m going to settle on kangaroo.

4) Tell us about your first gig
The first gig I paid to go to was Owl Eyes being supported by Stonefield.
My parents took me to a lot of country music shows when I was a kid, but my first rock gig was The Living End when I was about thirteen or fourteen, and I went with my brother.
Honestly, I have seen significantly more plays and musicals then bands.

5) What is your favourite place in the world?
The happy place I go when I’m asleep.
Seriously though, it’s a toss up between Barcelona and Edinburgh.

6) Who do you want to answer the survey next?
Everyooonnnnneeeeee in the comments please 😀
I’m genuinely interested!

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