4 things other people like that I don’t

Hey guys!

You know how sometimes you say you don’t like something and no one believes you because “everyone likes it!”
Well that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Because believe it or not, it is very possible to dislike things that other people enjoy, just like it’s just as easy to like something other people think is weird.

So, here are four things that I hate that other people seem to like.

#1. Baths.
I think I’ve spoken before about my hatred of baths, but I’m going to reiterate. I. Really. Hate. Baths.
Not showers, I love a good shower! But soaking in a tub of your own filth and feeling obliged to sit there for ages because now you’ve used all that water, even if you’re not enjoying yourself, and the frustrating thing where once the buzz of the temperature.  difference has worn off (approx 30 seconds) you’re then just hot and uncomfortable until the water is suddenly stone cold and then you you’re shivering and wrinkly and still as dirty as you were when you first stepped in.
How is this an enjoyable pastime?
I don’t find baths relaxing at all. If anything, they just make me cross.

#2. Hot Chocolate
I’ve tried, I swear, to enjoy hot chocolate, but I don’t. Not in the dead of winter, not with fucking marshmallows sitting on top, not with chili flakes or whipped cream, not made in a pot or a pan, not with the milk frothed, not when it’s made out of powder and not when it’s made out of real chocolate.
I just don’t like it.
Weird, because I like eating chocolate! Oh yes, chocolate is awesome. But not to drink!
It always, without fail, makes me feel queasy and bloated, and leaves a horrible dry sugary texture on your tongue that can’t be shaken for the rest of the day.
Give me a cup of tea or coffee any day.

#3. All day pyjamas
I find it strange when people decide to spend their days at home wearing the same clothes they slept in. Nothing against those people, each to their own, but whenever I’ve done it, should it be because I was washing my clothes that day or because that’s what you’re supposed to do on ‘lazy days’, I just feel crap.
There’s something almost greasy about wearing the clothes you slept in. Which is weird, because I’m happy to sleep in the same clothes night after night for ages, but continuing to wear them during the day just feels yuck.
I also find that it’s very counterproductive to wear ones pyjamas all day. Even if I’m not going out or won’t see anyone, I feel like without going through the motion of putting on jeans and a t-shirt, of switching out of night mode and into day, you just lag and waste time and don’t end up doing anything. All day pyjamas extends the sleepiness of night time into an all day perpetual state of drowsy.
At least for me.

And on that note…
#4. Lazy Days
Call it whatever compulsive disorder you like, I like to keep busy.
Even when I got home from travelling, tired as fuck from spending three days awake in airports and on planes, jetlagged out of my mind and confused, I got up the next day and had to be doing things.
Those ‘lazy days’ that are supposed to let you relax and re-charge the batteries are just not my thing. A few lazy hours are fine, a sleep in, a slow breakfast, reading a book for a few hours with tea. But a whole day of nothing?
Nah, stuff that. Get some work done, tidy up a bit, bake something, knock your taxes over, sew a dress, start a new novel. Those little chores and activities that fill in a day are infinitely more satisfying then a day of slothing. Plus, once the works done and it’s about six o’clock in the evening (incidentally, my favorite hour of the day) then you can kick back on the couch with you’re dinner on your lap, an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon and a glass of white, and have fucking earned it.

So that’s it. The four things other people like that I hate.
Feel free to share yours! I’m curious to know if anyone else does this or if I really am just a weirdo.

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