Hey internet. Whats up?

I’m back. All you crazy cats who’ve been itching for a slice of this pie can revel in the glory of my return. All zero of you.

So hows tricks? It’s been a while since we’ve had a chat.

No, I haven’t replaced my computer yet. I probably could afford to, but there’s this thing called university that’s coming up in six months time, and this thing called unemployment, and this thing called traveling which kinds of takes your savings and goes OMNOMNOM.
So even though I could get a new computer now, the smarter thing to do is wait until it fits into my budget to do so. It’s also the choice between getting something good that will last me the next five to ten years, or something shit and cheap.
So I’m taking the less fun but smarter option (such is the dilemma of  life) and waiting. In the meantime, I’m using my mum’s computer. And that’s fine, except for the part where I have to share a computer with my mum.


It’s August, which as my last blog post ever so delicately hinted, means I’m back in Australia. Huzzuh.
Europe was great. It was fulfilling one of my life’s dreams to go there, and I’m very glad that I did it now, while I’m young and fancy free and don’t mind sleeping on the floor, or basing all of my days meals around the consumption of a free breakfast, or walking twenty five blocks at midnight because I’m too poor to afford public transport.
Actually, I should clarify. My budgeting wasn’t so much based around the fact that I had no money, but more around the fact that spending money makes me hate myself. I tend to think in terms of the biggest fattest pictures and so whenever I find myself spending too much, I get a bit anxious. I should also backtrack and say that I’m not poor, not in the slightest. In broader terms, I’m actually an incredibly lucky and well off person. I can eat, I have a comfy bed at night, I can look forward to getting a good quality education and fuss over stupid things like computers with broken monitors. I just feel poor sometimes.

Enough with the PC talk. ONWARD!

So I never actually made it clear why I was in Europe in the first place. Why not? One word. Ego. For some reason I felt the need to draw a veil of mystery over the whole thing, and twist the truth about several facts, for the sake of privacy. Six months have made me realize what a douche I can be. So here’s the reason why I was absent from Aussie shores for six months.

I was volunteering.

Since January I have been living in Europe, specifically in Poland, specifically in Gdansk, and working as a volunteer English Teacher’s Assistant.
What does that mean? That means I was going into classrooms four days a week and conversing with Polish students in English. That’s it. I wasn’t paid to do it, but they gave me a place to live and it was the cheapest way I could get my butt overseas for an extended period of time.
I enjoyed it a lot, although if I could draw it for you in a graph, the level of depressed feelings and general shittiness started quite high, then dropped very low, and then gradually increased again towards the end. Picture an upside down bell curve. Just like that.
In the end, I was pretty glad to leave. Poland is a fantastic country, and I really like the school I was working in, but here’s the thing.
I was living with a host family, and that is fucking weird.
Imagine just showing up one day and living in someone’s house. You are literally just in their house, like some new piece of furniture. And you don’t know how to treat them and they don’t know how to treat you, and it’s weird.
It was very hard in the beginning, when things were still awkward and they thought I was kind of a weirdo. Then it got good as the weather improved and the kids got used to having me around.  Then it got weird again at the end, when they got sick of having me in their house, and I was sick of being in their house.

To put it in less words, I miss Poland a lot, but I was so, so, so ready to leave.

So I was doing that until the end of June, and then all through July I was backpacking. In total, during my time in Europe, I visited fourteen different cities in ten different countries.

And now I’m back home, looking for work so I can save money and counting down the months till university starts and so can the next bit of life.
Being overseas was great, but the problem with volunteering is that you’re still spending money day to day, but there is no income coming in. After a while, it does get a baby bit stressful.

So as you can probably tell, I have a lot of stuff I can talk about now. Many opinions, many theories, many thoughts. I also still have my usual day to day lamentations. But in short, you can expect me to be updating more often, and hopefully expect a bit more interesting content.

Until next time!

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