So according to wordpress stats, I actually have an audience.


And this blog post, is a promise to you my dearly beloved reader (That’s right, you. Just you. None of the others. I only care about YOU. Don’t go spreading this around, but you’re totally my favourite. Anyway…)

I would love to write more, but right now I simply can’t. I haven’t the time nor the patience to sit with a torch, hunched over my dormant monitor and one finger type out blog posts that inevitably end up shitty because I get either bored or get fixated on the frustrating reality of my technical situation.

And that just doesn’t make for good reading. Nor do I get any satisfaction from it. So I’m going to cut you a deal.

I’m still overseas at the moment and will be until August. Soon after that (depending on how quickly I can gain employment and save money) i should be able to upgrade my computer. And when this happens I SOLEMNLY SWEAR that I will blog more often, more regularly, and with posts of higher quality and with more interesting content.

This is not an empty promise. The point of this blog was always as a means for me to practice writing and document this period of time in my life- the transition from stupid teenager to interesting and accomplished adult. This compromise is probably more for myself then it is anyone else.

So I’m going on hiatus for the next three months, and I’ll see you somewhere on the other side. Hopefully with some interesting stories to tell.


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