My goodness, why is it so dusty in here?

Um… hi.

So, i’ve been kind of slack with the blog posts lately. Sorry bout that what but hey, as I’ve said before and I’ll say again, it’s my blog and I can do whatever the freak I want with it!

All the same, it’s a bit depressing.

I’ve been doing some pretty interesting stuff recently. Thinking some REALLYDEEPTHOUGHTS and all of that would have made for a great essay type of blogamything.

for example,

I spent four days in London

I had one of my english classes dancing around a room singing “Hit The Road Jack”

I’m heading off to Hungry tomorrow for two days in Budapest.

And yet I have document none of the interesting things in my life, and it’s bothering me.

The soul reason is because my dear mac screen is dead. I mean it’s literally dead. I have to write by light of torch and it takes such a long time that I can’t be bothered to do anything. Again, my deep concern for my audience amounts to about as much as not really giving much of a shit, BUT my deep concern for MYSELF and MY personal happiness and contentment has been truly shaken.

I love writing. it’s how I express  myself, the most honest, truthful, and clear way I know how to just be. (Give me the corn with an extra side of cheese: shuddup).

Of course I can write with pen and paper and I have been, but when I have so many thoughts in my head and interesting things going on in life, a pen and paper doesn’t feel like enough. I’m too far locked into the 21st century. I need a keyboard and working screen to function. When I type, my hands can keep up with my brain. Every thought gets documented easily as breathing. When I’m writing with a pen, i’m so slow it’s ridiculous. I find typing satisfying, the click of keys and the words just scattering themselves across the page with so little effort. It’s quite therapeutic, I find. Without that, I’ve been getting a wee baby bit stressed out.

Sigh. I’m a bit rusty aren’t I? All this self concious self analysis- doesn’t make for good blogging.

Whatever. Bleugh.

Anyway, that’s all for now mo fos. See you in a few weeks.

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