Some people frighten me

This woman is the perfect example of a fucking crazy crazy crazy crazy loony that has access to the internet and a Hitler disposition.

It’s people like this that frighten me. People like Crazy McCrazy, people like Bob Katter (a.k.a captain fucking cunt). it frightens me that people like this are not only till around, but manage to have their voices heard. People who have for some reason still beleive that somehow we humans are different from each other.


Whywhywhy is this crazy talk still hanging around? Hasn’t humanity reached a point of intellectual development where we can realize for sure the simple fact that all people, regardless of their race, their gender, their sexual orientation, their beliefs, their disabilities, their heritage, their culture, their lifestyle, ARE ALL HUMANS??? WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! No one is more special then anybody else, no one is any worse. The queen is no more significant then a four year old child living out in who knows where. The ‘average’ human differs in so many ways from the next average human, to the point where trying to define average is what ties you up in knots. It’s a glorious paradox. How different and unique we are from one another is what makes us the same. We are all people, therefore we are individuals, and we all deserve to be treated fairly, as no one individual is better or worse then any other.

So it drives me fucking NUTS when I see such pointless hatred and anger being thrown around. ANY act born out of negative feelings is not good. Sometimes people ask me why I’m so interested in gay rights, and this is the reason why. Because this hatred and fear and bigoted idiocy needs to be counteracted.

Saying people are not equal and interpreting that into hatred and then actively acting on that hatred like it’s a good thing to do, that’s disgusting. That’s how wars start, that’s how lived are lost. Living in central europe as I am, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning about the second world war and the impact it had on these populations. It’s astounding to see an allegory emerge in my readings. It’s frightening to me that people can’t learn from the past mistakes: learn that HATRED IS NOT THE WAY FORWARD. HATRED DOES NOT BUILD A BETTER WORLD. It only destroys it.

Beyond those who manage to make the headlines in their bigoted stupidity, the harder thing to do is how to deal with homophobia when you encounter it in everyday life. I was hanging out with this really nice girl on the weekend. Her name is Sarah. We were having dinner together. We got to talking about encountering evidence of general prejudice in our travels, and she suddenly said this:

“Like, I don’t have a problem with gays, but I do believe there is something biologically wrong with them.”

Right. Okay. Um. Shit. How does one respond to that?

Well, I didn’t know. Eventually I said that I was actually very much  believer in equal rights and fair treatment, and believed that what she had said was a bit offensive. From that point onwards dinner got a bit awkward.

But really what? What? This isn’t the first time this has happened. One of my best friends in high school believed firmly that being gay was wrong. I had, and still don’t have, any idea how to respond to that.

It is homophobia, regardless of whether or not that person considers it to be. If you start your sentence with “I’m not a homophobe, but…” that’s a pretty clear indication that you are, indeed, a homophobe. And remarks like that aren’t innocent. You have no idea how it feels.

On both incidences of sitting with my friends and hearing these impossibly small minded attitudes, it hurt a bit. ‘You have no idea’ I thought, ‘you have no idea that you’re sitting and chatting with a woman who is herself bisexual. You have no idea how much it stings to sit here and be told by someone I consider a friend that there is something wrong with me for something I can’t help.”

Gosh I’m riled up about this. Ragh.

So here is my closing statement.

Being gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, or however else you identify your gender or sexuality, that itself is not a problem, not an issue, not a choice, not a question, and it’s not an insult.
What is a problem, what is a issue, what is a choice, what is a question and what is an insult to humanity as a whole, are those bigoted assholes spreading hatred and harm and acting like it’s okay.

Because you know what? it’s really not.

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