Here’s a thing I did a few months ago that I wanted to talk about but forgot. Finally getting around to it.

Me and my friend Brian were supposed to meet up with another friend Anna, but Anna was unexpectedly called into work. She lives about an hour away from we do, so getting together with her is a bit tricky. It’s been several months since I last saw her. So there we were, me and Brian, not really sure what we would do to fill in the day without her, when we got an idea.

Into my car we hopped, and off we went to surprise her at work.

I read in a book once about how nice it would be to get off the train at your destination and find someone there waiting for you. It’s like proof that you are loved- someone cares. You don’t have to ask for it, it’s willingly given. It’s a beautiful thing. I think unexpected surprises are the same in that way. It was really nice to go and see Anna, and we had a great time in the end.

I’ve ranted on this blog before about my feelings towards christmas and birthdays- these special occasions that for some reason, just don’t feel special anymore. The whole thing just feels contrived, its expected, the patterns of behavior are just that, patterns. I enjoy my birthday, true enough, and beyond the whole commercialization and religious side of things, rather do enjoy christmas. Kind of.

But these occasions have nothing on the joy, the happiness, the awesome, that comes from someone proving how much they care about you, not because it’s expected of them or because they have to, but simply because they want to.

I love it when people I care about surprise me somehow. Last year on Valentines day, we had a fundraiser at my school where you could buy and send a rose to somebody. All my friends got roses. I literally mean all my friends. You can guess which loser missed out right?
So there I was, unloved and rose-less on valentines day, every inch more the bitter single person then I’d ever been before. A few girls I was on good terms with noticed I was a bit upset, and asked what was wrong. Nothing, I said, jokingly, trying not to make it a big deal, just I didn’t get a rose. Haha. No one loves me. Hectic lols.
It was embarrassing,  I was trying to act like I didn’t give a shit.
It was bleeding fucking obvious that I did.
You can guess how this story ends. As I was walking to the bus after school, these three girls chased me, and bada bing bada boom surprised me with a rose.

I used to love it on someone’s birthday when that card would go around and everyone would be sneaky and sign it, then give it to that person at the end of the day. I loved it when the male students in one of the english classes I’m teaching came into class early and left tulips on the desks of all the female students. It makes me smile when I see my friends on facebook randomly posting messages to each other, just to let them know they are awesome.

So, dear readers, the message to take away here is that while special occasions are great and all, the people in your life are the most important thing, and letting them know how awesome they are even when you don’t have to means the world.

(This wouldn’t be blog post by Georgie if I didn’t chuck in some bitter cynicism somewhere. Incidentally, the rose out of pity almost made me feel even more pathetic then getting no rose at all. I never got one of the cards signed by everyone in my class. No ones ever given me flowers, and the only time I got a facebook message saying I was great, it was from a friend who had been drinking quite heavily and wasn’t actually intended for me. In other words, I am shit in every way and hate the world.)

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