Europe, nuns, and hair

Sometimes, during periods of inactivity, I consider my life to be boring.

Then I remember that I’m living in Europe for six months, and this time last year I was dressing up as a nun on a weekly basis.

And then things don’t seem quite so dull anymore.



I am seven days into the experiment. I haven’t washed my hair in about a week.
So far, it’s been much better then expected. Turns out the headscarf ploy was completely unnecessary: after that first day my hair just looked completely normal. So that’s a good thing.
It does feel a bit different. It’s quite greasy in parts and dry in others. It’s a bit heavier then it used to be, and a bit fuller. One small concern is that quite a lot of my hair has been coming out when I comb it, but I’m not sure whether or not this is more then normal.
it doesn’t smell odd, it doesn’t look odd, it just feels less clean then usual. And I imagine this will settle down after a couple of weeks when the natural oils get their swing back and things even out.
So there we go. So far the no-soap-rinse-only approach has been a great success. La de da.

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