Sorry for the delay. I promised polygamy, and now you’re going to get it.

This is why I think polygamy is a good idea.

Now obviously a multi-person relationship os not going to work for everybody. Monogamy for the win, alright? By no means think I’m stating that all people ought to try out being in relationships with more then one person. But in some cases, I think it’s a highly efficient, practical, and entirely functional way of living.

I don’t believe in “the one true love”. I’m much more inclined towards the idea that you are able to love many different people throughout your life, in all different ways. I don’t think any love is exactly the same as any other, simmilar to the exhausted metaphor of snowflakes. No two are exactly alike. The same with love.

Beyond the obvious differences between the way you love your family and your friends, I believe that romantic love can have multiple subcategories. After all, throughout your life you will find yourself attracted to many different people. From lust to deep intellectual or emotional connection, it is very possible to forge connections to others in an enourmous variety of ways.

So why not embrace it?

I think in this case, total brutal honesty is the key. I think a polygamous relationship is able to work so long as there is a system of full disclosure. Otherwise  everything is just going to go to shit.

I think variety is healthy. Imagine how great it would be for the concept of “cheating” to go out the window? If jealousy and possessiveness could be replaced with total honesty and a completely open mind?

Polygamy works on an economical scale too. Three or four or five people all living together in a communal situation makes the cost of living go down.
It promotes diversity and open minded thinking.
And of course, those involved in the relationship don’t hold the full bane of responsibility for the happiness and wellbeing of one other. The responsibility is shared.


I would like to state that obviously this is all hypothetical and focusing on the positives. There would obviously be issues to consider, such as potential STD spread and the annoying legal issues, and children for example. And I doubt people could ever be so trusting and open minded to engage in such relationships in an open way that accepted by society as a whole.

But hey, hypothetical speculation is fun! Like just today I decided that yes, it is definitely impossible to run around the world so fast that you could punch yourself in the back of the head.


THE HAIR EXPERIMENT: Day one, and already my hair is limp and greasy and yuck. I went out with it wrapped up in a headscarf. No problems there, though I already wonder how long my resolve is going to hold out.

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