This thing i’ve decided to do that i’ll probably regret but let’s get on with it!

I’ve decided to stop washing my hair.

As of tonight, no more shampoo or conditioner, and no more soap. Just water and willpower.

Oh god. Why on earth have I decided to do this?

That;s kind of a big question, and the answer takes us back several years. I was twelve years old, and my mum was telling me about this article in a magazine about women who stopped washing their hair. “What?” twelve year old me exclaimed, “That’s crazy!” and quite promptly I forgot about it.

But since then I’ve become a hippie, an internet stroll, and a scrooge. I’ve also become a person who loves doing crazy shit for no other reason then to see if I can. Not washing my hair fits the bill perfectly.

What gave me the idea: Alex Day. As I mentioned a few blog posts back, this guy has the singluar ability to put ideas into my head. He was talking about the “no soap” concept in a blog post, and it reminded me of that article I had disregaurded six years ago. So I started looking into it, and that little seed of an idea grew and grew.

The concept of not washing your hair is completely logical. When you wash your hair you are effectively stripping it of it’s mousture, and by conditioning it, you are just putting it all back in. It’s a completely unnecessary process that messes with something our hair was able to do all by itself for a very long time.
As for dirt, well I’m obviously still going to be cleaning my hair, but just with water. A good hard rinse should be more then enough.

As someone who gets stressed out by shopping (true story, more on that later), someone who likes traveling in the most convenient way possible, and someone who is going to be starting university soon so I won’t have any money anyway, cutting shampoo and conditioner from the budget is quite suiting for my lifestyle. I hate spending time on my hair anyway. Yanking a comb through then going down the ponytail way is as much effort as I can be bothered with.
As a kind-of-sort-of hippie, cutting down that extra time in the shower means saving extra water, plus not washing even more chemicals down the drain is a massive bonus.

In other words, not washing my hair just seems like a really good idea overall.

So starting now, I will not touch shampoo or conditioner for a month.

I have to say, I’m really interested in how this works out. All my readings on the internet on the subject were from guys who’ve done it. Guys with short hair. I’m interested to see how I get by as a female. My hair is shoulder length, naturally straight and black and quite thick. Suring the first couple of weeks of greasy yuck-ness, I’m going to do the sneaky cover up with a headscarf. I’ll be interested to see if people notice, or if I notice any dramatic changes.

Apparently, the minumum time for hair to settle down into cleaning itself is about two weeks. The recommended period of time to be patient is a month.

As well as my other blog posts that centre mostly around shit anyway, I’ll keep you updated on how this little experiment goes.

Cia ya’ll!

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