Guilty Pleasures part 2

As implied by the title, there is a pre-existing portion to this blog post. It can be read here.

I have some hesitation with continuing on the saga of my guilty pleasures. Obviously, there’s the admission of guilt, which is icky, and the implication of pleasure, which is just as icky but also makes for horrible awkwardness when brought up in the wrong circles. I happen to know for a fact that at least two or three of my associates INTHEREALLIFE are subscribed to this little blogeron. It makes for some awkwardness in my real life. The lines do cross, and it’s tempting to not talk about the topics I want to talk about.
But, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, the liberty of disregaurding consequences and doing whatever the fuck you want is an incredibly feeling. I never made this blog with the intention of portraying myself exactly as I do in real life. I made it with the intention of speaking from the brain, releasing that inner voice, and I’m going to be honest, these are the things I think about. Not necessarily talk about, in fact in real life I very rarely talk about the things I write about here. But I like having the freedom, through the relative anonimity of the internet, to be able to share my thoughts with you. So onward we plunge, and come what may!

Guilty pleasure number two: I am a massive fag hag.

This is the perfect example of a guilty pleasure. There is an immeasurable amount of both guilt, and pleasure involved, to the point where even I can sit back and say “Georgie, you’re a fucking weirdo”.
But for some reason, the guy lovin just sets the bells off ringing like nothing else! It’s incredibly impractical, being both female and not entirely straight as I am, that this is that thing. It’s like the universe sticking it’s tongue out and saying “nananananana!!!” Shut up universe.

And no, I don’t get how this is a thing, I have no idea how this works, but it does and I have accepted that. Now, I am admitting it to you.

So gay guys, bring me your men! And do… stuff…

And just to clarify, this goes beyond the physical. It’s more of a general interest and love for “da-gays”. In some ways it’s quite nice, I get a massive kick out of it when celebrities ‘come out’, if I see a gay couple on the street I get all gooey and awwwww. But in other ways it’s weird, like if someone who annoys me turns out to be gay, suddenly my opinion of them changes dramatically. It’s completely unjustified, they are still just as annoying as they ever were, but now they’re also weirdly appealing.

Mum, dad, if for whatever reason you ever read this, please never ever ever tell me that you did. And try not to read too much into it. Thanks.

So there you have it: guilty pleasure number two. First narcissism, then fag haggery. Can we begin to imagine what will be up next!

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  1. […] As suggested by the titles of this post, there are two pre-existing parts to this saga that can be read here and here. […]

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