Here’s a good thing that’s happened!


Hahaaaa…. not really. Well sort of. It sounds better when you say it like that. Fact is something I wrote is being published on a blog for another website. It’s not special in any way shape form or style. This blog posts pretty much everything sent into it anyway, but the point still stands,


The email latter of acceptance brightened up my day ten fold! As someone who wants to be a writer, little successes, even ones like these which don’t mean a great deal in the big scheme of things, are the biggest buzz. It makes me want to write more, try harder, do better.

This has only happened to me once before.

The amount of times things I’ve written have failed to impress, dazzle and succeed in the world is… well… it’s a big number. A very big number. Compared to the trifling two times my work has been liked enough to share with the world,  the balance is more then just a little bit off.

The first time something I wrote was published, it was a paragraph about the gay marriage rights movement in Australia that was put up on a website. This time, it was about getting by as a vegetarian when traveling in central Europe.

Little things, insignificant things, but I did put work into them and I am proud of them. It’s thrilling that someone else liked it enough to want to share it with others. it makes me very happy.

Hopefully one day, If I ever get to publish something properly solid and real, it will feel even more amazing then this.

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