Loose Change

I am sure you’re familliar with the phrase, “Stuck In A Rut”.

I was thinking this morning about how life could be seen as moving from one rut to another. You stick around in one for a while, and eventually find the will or the means to hault yourself over into the next. Life could be, in some sense, compared to a corrugated iron rooftop.

But then I was thinking about the periods of time in between each rut, the period of change. As easy as it can be to be stuck in a rut, it’s just as esy to be trapped there, in that peculiar place of in between. The space between the ruts.

As frustrating as it can be, being stuck in one place comes with a sense of security. You know perfectly well where you are, what you are doing, how you are seen and what is expected. it’s easy. Change is much harder.

Change is unpredictable. Where does it start? Where does it end? Is this for the better or for the worse? Will anything really change at all, or is it all just a trick of the mind?

In recent months I have been in a long drawn out period of change. From high school to real life. From Australia to Europe. From student to teacher. My life has completely altered in every possible way.

I’ve watched my friends lives change, watched the lives of other people I know begin to alter in course. The familiar stops being so, and new challenges await. You can embrace them, resist them, search for them or hide from them, or…

You can simply get stuck.

Change has the potential of being a rut in itself. We could refer to this as being caught in limbo. Limbo is that place where you’re trying to find that next step, that new place to settle and call your own.

But it’s easy to get caught in limbo, to not be able to find the next step, and so this period of uncertainty stretches on with no answers to be found.

Maybe. I’m just musing now.

Like someone who has spent their whole life so far doing one thing, and wishes to continue doing that thing, but suddenly doesn’t know exactly how they are meant to go about doing it. Something has changed, but what and what now? Make sense? Not really. Never mind. I’m just in one of those pretentiously philosophical moods.

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