Here’s a thing that happened

My absence for the past couple of weeks has two explanations.

The first is boring as piss. I have been without the internet.

The second is much more interesting, the reason I haven’t had internet, which is because I have been rendezvousing in EUROPE BABY!

I’m not going to specify where, but it is fuuuuuuucking cold. Like, really properly freezing cold. On the weekend it’s going to be minus two, and I eagerly anticipate this event the way a child anticipates christmas. It will be nice for things to warm up a bit!

So anyway, here I am, freezing down to my toes, and despite my original belief on the matter, have to say that my experience so far has been, without question, quite a disappointment.

Yes, Europe is beautiful, yes the cultural aspects are quite different, meaning I do stupid things like gap at light switches in amazement. Yes the people have been hospitable, generous and kind, and yes I am brushing up on my language skills and getting a kcik out of being able to order a cup of tea.

And yet, somehow, I feel a bit flat.

Perhaps this is reality. My romantic beliefs that Europe would dazzle and amaze me and be completely life changing. And yet here I sit, shivering from my fingers to my toes, and all I want to do is go home.

Chances are, it’s the cynic in me coming out.

Either way, I’m here, and will be here for six months.

But this experience has got me thinking about events in life that happen and the way you perceive them. I think that the lead up to an event and the feeling afterwards are better then the event itself. The way you remember things are often better then they actually were, and the feeling leading up to something, the anticipation, that’s often the thrilling part.

So far, there have been breathtaking moments that I can appreciate from all sides. But I think I will remember my European experience fondly, not so much the experience itself, but the rose tint that time with inevitably apply.

Clearly nothing has changed. Same cynic, different continent. Oh joy.

I promised polygamy and it shall come soon, but some things are more pressing then others.

Until next time!

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