Some Thoughts About Appearance

Has anyone seen “Not another teen movie”? I didn’t really like it, but the one part I did find amusing was the introduction of the girl with glasses and a ponytail.
I liked the way this film points out the ridiculous way teeny movies portray the ‘ugly girl’ or the unpopular girl as the girl with that specific look of having an ocular disability and a particular hairstyle.
The reason I point this out if because, and anyone who knows me will know this to be true, I am that girl. That girl with glasses and a ponytail.
I liked the way this film sends up the stupidity of this constant cliché.  I am however, sad to report that with the look, I unfortunately do manage to embody that stereotype of haunting libraries, being too opinionated to stand having a conversation with, and sadly single since 1993.
Which is forever.
Moving right along.

I wish top hats would come back into fashion. Why? Because they are awesome. Whack on a top hat and instantly you are slightly more interesting then you were a moment ago. Top hats are cool. This needs to be a thing. Lets make it happen!

I recently got into an argument with one friend and three assholes about people having the right to dress however they like and that right to be respected, and the opinions you may form about that person because of how they dress being something you should hold yourself accountable for, instead of shifting the bane of responsibility onto the person who inspired the opinion.
“If someone dresses like a streetwalker, they should be treated like a streetwalker!” was one argument raised by one of the three assholes. And I think this may be what is wrong with the world. People are just so arrogant and horrible.
I do have a solution though. Everyone should walk around naked, all the time. Well, naked and with a top hat.

That argument is a topic I’m hearing about more and more these days. I don’t know why this is, but I suspect that it’s because I’m aware of it, so anything relating to it catches my attention. So rather then it having any more presence then normal, I’m just noticing it more. Make sense? Good.

Right, I think that’s all I have to say.

And now a teaser for my next blog post: Why I think polygamy is a good idea!

Adios bitches.

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