Guilty Pleasures part 1

The reason I’m making this blog post links in perfectly with my first guilty pleasure.

Whenever I read a magazine which interviews a celebrity, or happen to be watching a similar thing on TV or the internet,  I always find myself answering the questions as well, and usually caring very little about what the original subject is saying. The whole reason I’m making this blog post is because I stumbled across the survey question: “What are your top three guilty pleasures?”

In catching myself answering this question, I had my first answer. Responding to surveys.

I love filling our surveys. Surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, anything that lets me think about what my opinion is on something, or what aspect of my life this fits around. I love answering questions that relate in some way back to me.

It’s incredibly narcissistic, therefore the guilt, but the other reason I think this deserves to be a confession rather then a proud declaration is because generally speaking, other people I know get really annoyed when it comes to filling out surveys.
Alternatively, they could just be saying they don’t enjoy it, but secretly do. Lets face it, no one wants to admit they are that self centered. But I sit here before you today and confess, that I am fixated enough on myself to be able to admit that answering questions is certainly one of my top guilty pleasures.

So now, I will indulge this guilty pleasure and respond to the survey that’s been going around on Youtube since October 2011. Enjoy.

1) Tell us about your first kiss.

It’s yet to happen, which yes, I am annoyed about. The closest I’ve come to a first kiss was when I was moving away from my first primary school, and my friend Ben gave me a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. He did it because his mum told him to. I was six years old.

2) The most expensive item of casual clothing you have ever bought.

Being both cheap and into second hand goods as I am, nothing I own is really very expensive. I think the most I’ve ever splashed out on something was a pair of boots two years ago. They cost me $35.

3) The first job you wanted as a kid

I wanted to be a reindeer. Shut up.
The first serious thing I wanted to do was be an artist.

4) Tell us about your group of school friends.

When I went to high school, I didn’t have any friends because all my friends were younger then me. So I found other people who didn’t have any friends and we made our own group. We were called ‘The Leftovers’, and were very much a bunch of misfits. By the end of year 12 however, our whole year group was pretty much on friendly terms anyway.

5) What would you name your kids?

I don’t want kids, but I have thought about names for the fun of it.
For a boy, I like the name Jack, both because it’s timeless and my Pop was called Jack.
For a girl, I like the names Alice, Emily, Melanie, and Isabelle.

6) Who do you want to answer this survey next.

YOU! The person who happens to be reading this blog post! Answer in the comments, or make a blog of your own. Good. Done.

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3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures part 1

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