A bottle of bubbles and a chocolate duck

Good noon to you 2012. It’s a whole new year.

So here’s a thing what I did. Last night for my new years celebrations, rather then go out to the pub with my friends, rather to head off to see some local bands jam in as many cover songs as they could before midnight, rather then make my way out of town to a party that I’d been invited to, I did this.

I stayed at home.

I stayed at home, with a cheap bottle of pink champagne, a chocolate duck, and a stack of the best Kung Fu movies I know. Once I’d reached the point of intoxication where reading the subtitles was becoming a problem, off I went to bed, and then I made this pact.

In 2011, I spent most of my time feeling completely stressed out. Ever little tiny thing, no matter how small, could be blown up into a big deal. What someone said, what they didn’t say, things that happened or didn’t happen. School of course was a big big deal for a very long time. But cynical as I am, I am a believer when it comes to new beginnings.

I like symbolic moments that signify a fresh start. I like new years eve more then I like christmas, for that reason that it is literally the start of something completely huge and new. A whole new year. A fresh start.

Not completely fresh, of course. Your problems don’t magically wash away, grudges are still there, debts, plans, people. But it feels like a chance to take a new look at things.

I try very hard to keep my new years resolutions. Last year, I resolved to do whatever it took to get the marks I needed in my HSC. And I did, but it cost me a lot of my everyday happiness.

Five years ago I resolved to give up eating meat, and I’m proud to say I am still very much on the wagon as they say.

So this year, I resolve that I will un-clutter the clutter and simplify. I will try not to stress and obsess, and not turn little things into a big deal. I will try to lead a harmless existence, and be bothered to do the things that require a bit of effort.

Yes is a crock of sentiment, but that’s another thing I’m going to do this year. Not give a shit what other people might think.

That was something I stressed about a lot last year. What people thought of what I said and what I did. I think a fair chunk of that can be attributed to that desire for approval towards the work I was putting in towards school. I felt like a proper dope a lot of the time, trying very hard to please and constantly feeling self conscious about what people might be thinking.

This year however, I want to relax and not care. I’m going to say what I want, without thinking about it, I want to do what I want, without worrying about what it might look like. This is the year to care about the things that matter, and not give a shit about the things that don’t.

And with any luck, this will end up making my blogs sound a bit more positive!

So, having managed to escape my weird night in without a hangover (aw yeah) I resolve that this year will be better.

That is all.

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