Reflections On 2011

Fuck me with a stick, it’s been a big year!

That much is conclusive, a LOT of shit’s been going down for the past 12 months. In terms of natural disasters, the world went nuts. Floods, earthquakes, more earthquakes, a nuclear disaster, and right there at the end, just to see us out in proper disaster fashion, a couple more floods and earthquakes squeezed in for good measure. One last cheerio before 2012 hits!

As for the people occupying this tiny blue ball floating through space, they too went wild in 2011. Egypt, Turkey, Libya, uprisings, revolt, the overthrowing of dictatorships. The americans got in on the action starting the worldwide Occupy movement, so even the westerners couldn’t miss out on the fun. London went mad and went on a week long rampage, the Queen and Obama and all manner of useless celebrities came to visit Australia and cause a frenzy.

It was the year of Rebecca Black reminding us of her favorite day of the week, the final Harry Potter movie, Osama Bin laden and Gaddafi both got to meet their maker, Norway was hit by tragedy, New York legalized gay marriage, there were a lot of floods…

A lot of other things happened too, things that made the headlines in a justified way, and things that didn’t. A lot of it is significant, very significant, but so much of it is hard to remember.

As for me, my big year came in the form of 2011 being my last year of high school, the year of the HSC, the year I got my license and became a free human being. A year marked by stress and hard work, but also one marked by happy memories and firsts. The first time I got completely wasted, the first time I was in a car accident, the first time I got to sing on stage in a musical, the first time I got to attend a rally.
With all the good memories though, 2011 is marked by a kind of sadness. Tragedy struck, and stuck again. A boy I went to school with killed in a car accident, so suddenly. The one year anniversary of the death of another friend who died in the same way.
And maybe the hardest thing of all. My good friend, and a lovely girl, being diagnosed with a horrible disease, and having to watch her slowly change and accept the fact there was nothing we could do about it.
In many ways, she is the thing I think I will remember the most about 2011. When she first got sick, and we decided to go to Sydney together to see a production of Mary Poppins at capitol theatre, both of us being massive musical theatre fans. When we held a fundraiser for her and her family and raised thousands of thousands of dollars. The first few months when everything seemed fine and then suddenly, not so fine, and then suddenly, completely horrible.
I’m glad she got to go to our graduation, I’m glad she made it to Christmas, and I’m glad she’ll get to see in the new year. I’m glad she has  a lovely family and two best friends who are making this time super special. I’m sad that she doesn’t remember who I am anymore.

2011 has been a massive, overwhelmingly massive, jam packed full on year. On both a personal and international scale it’s been huge. It’s definitely one to remember. I hope I don’t forget it.

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