I haven’t written in a while, and it would be great to be able to say it’s because I’ve been busy. I would like to say I’ve been getting around to the thousand projects I’ve been wanting to do, that I’ve been writing, that I’ve been going out more, doing more…

But fact is I haven’t posted in a while because nothing’s really been happening.

But today, a thing happened.

Today, I bought a new dress. It was on the rack labeled “$15 and under!”. Brilliant! The fit was good, I liked the colors, and it would be the perfect thing to wear out tomorrow night to a Christmas Party.

I went to the counter to pay.

“That’ll be forty dollars thanks.”


Surely not.

“But, it was on the rack for fifteen and under. I’m confused.”

“Oh, okay then. That’s alright.” And without checking my claim, without even glancing around the shop, the salesperson changed the price, charged me fifteen dollars and sent me on my way.

All well and good. Except, I noticed on the way out, another row of dresses prices at forty dollars apiece, and a thought stirred in my head. What if, and it was more then possible, what if the dress had been simply placed on the wrong rack? What if it actually was supposed to cost twenty five dollars more then I’d paid for it?

It was a weird moment. Do I go back and say something? Or do I just let it go? It wasn’t like I’d lied, the dress had been on the fifteen and under rack. I’d had no idea, and the salesperson hadn’t even checked. Surely it was their responsibility to check up a price change, not mine.
Long story short, I took the dress and left the shop.

And I instantly felt guilty about it. I should have gone back and said something. But I didn’t. I was tired, I’d had a long day, I was feeling a bit down and I just wanted something nice to wear out with my friends. But it didn’t matter. I could try to justify it all I wanted, but I still felt bad.

So, when I got home, I went online and donated twenty dollars to charity. And I still feel bad, because that’s five dollars short of what I would have paid for the damn dress had I just accepted the cost for what it was.

I work in a store very much like the one I bought the dress from. In fact, they’re part of the same company. I could have gotten a discount if I’d thought to take my sales card with me. I know that on more then one occasion we’ve done the same discounting process at the point of sale without really thinking about it. Just because the merch is being covered anyway. All of this stuff, it’s cheap and pretty and not made to last. The dress I bought today couldn’t possibly be worth more then twenty dollars, just judging by the quality of the material and the shortcuts in the design. I’m aware of that, I’m aware that discounting without in-depth verification is a relatively common practice, and I’m aware I’m thinking about this way too much.

But I can’t shake the feeling that I did something wrong, even after trying to right it. I should have just gone back and asked if there had been a mistake.

What a fail of a post. I am sorry.


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