Stupid Christmas Trends

Here’s a quick post to comment on an annoying trend that occurs around Christmas time.

Popular artists releasing Christmas albums.

Why is this a thing? (Aside from the obvious cash orgy.)It’s shitty music on a subject that’s only relevant once a year, it makes the artist in question look tacky, and more importantly it drives everyone mad by being played in ever single fucking shop, store, café or other public place that has some kind of sound system.

One might say “OHMYGODGEORGIE it’s just a part of Christmas stop being such a bitch!!”

If you are one of these people, then fuck off. Yes, capitalism is now a fully fledged part of christmas, I get that. Even Santa Clause’s famous red suit was designed by Coca-Cola for the purpose of advertising (That shit is legit. Google it.). And my question is not why does this happen. That part at least is somewhat obvious.

Trying to take your cash cow and disguise it as something meaningful and sentimental, that supposedly embodies the ‘true meaning of christmas!’ while less then quietly flogging off a product to unwitting consumers, is really quite shitty.

The cheap decorations and bad actors in fake beards, the brainless as fuck commercials and excessive quantities of material crap that’s going to end up clogging up some landfill, none of this pisses me off as much as getting Justin Beibers fucking mistletoe song stuck in my head for an hour because some dumbass decided to put it on while I got my cup of tea.

Tis the season to be crabby. Goodnight.

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One thought on “Stupid Christmas Trends

  1. I especially hate the Justin Bieber/Mariah Carey one. They just took the song Mariah recorded 20 years ago and added Justin’s part over the top. It’s not a real duet!

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