Today, my HSC results came out.

I am really pleased with how it all worked out. For anyone who has read my blog before (if you haven’t, skim back a few pages to catch up, then come back) my HSC has been a massive source of stress and anxiety all year. However, it seems to have paid off! I’ll put up my ATAR when I get it, but right now I just needed to mention something quite pleasing.

I have mentioned before a particular teacher I had for a course called extension 2 english. The course consists of one major work that you work on over the course of a year. I made a film for my major work, one which I worked my fucking ass off to pull together and one which I was, eventually, quite proud to call my own.
But the teacher for this course made me feel just so, so crap about it. Every week it felt like she’d shoot me down and tell me to do better, that it wasn’t good enough, that the marks weren’t there. It got to the point where she was telling me, and this is a thing that actually happened, that I might want to rethink my plans to go to university, because my film just wasn’t going to cut it.

Talk about a blow to my self esteem! It sucks when something you’ve worked hard on gets shot down, especially when it continues to get shot down week after week after week…


I got the results today.

For my extension 2 english major work, I got a mark of 41/50. That’s 82%. That’s a band five.
That is mother fucking brilliant.

So, you can imagine how satisfying this is for me.

A while ago, I said that something I regretted was choosing to so this course, choosing to make the project I did. Now though, the only thing I regret is letting that horrid bitch get to me.

Have a fucking awesome day.

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