I went on a trip and did some stuff

One more silly post. Next time we’ll be diving into something that is a lot more significant and important to me, and I feel quite important in general. But for now, an observation.

There is a very good reason why one ought to travel alone, at least once.

When you travel alone, you do things that normally you just wouldn’t. If you’re with people you know, they have expectations of you, things they are familiar with, and while they would probably understand if you did something outside of these expectations, you’re less likely to do them because it is, quite simply, awkward to explain.

When you’re alone, and no one knows who you are, and you will probably never see any of these people again or hold them to any degree of significance in your life, you will loose a great deal of your inhibitions and do things you normally wouldn’t.

While I was away over the weekend, I did some things I normally wouldn’t do. I stole a poster for example (although my theory stands that if it’s left out on the street and isn’t worth anything, it’s not really stealing), although slightly more out there would be when I found myself taking off my shirt in a public place in front of thousands of people.
There is a very good and reasonable explanation as to why this occurred under the place and circumstances it did, but the whole point I’m trying to make is that is very liberating to not have to explain your actions and justify yourself. I didn’t have to then, and quite frankly I can’t be bothered to do so now. So lets just leave that there.

Another thing I’ve decided is that my trip over the weekend very much defined the way I like to travel.

I like long trips on public transport and I like backpackers and youth hostels. I like shared facilities, bunk beds, lockers and walking everywhere I want to go. I like carrying all my possessions in one bag with a padlock and showering in flip flops. I like meeting people and making “friends in the moment”, I like sharing my peanut butter with strangers, walking around museums and getting by on as little money as possible.

It’s strange, it’s awkward, it’s sometimes stressful and it’s tiring, but above all it’s absolutely brilliant.

I don’t like the impersonal nature of hotels and self contained places that are exactly like home, where you don’t have to interact with anyone if you don’t want to. Where you stay, how you get around and the people you meet should be part of the experience, not just filling in the gaps.

Anyway, serious things shall cometh soon. I’m actually going to put some proper time and effort into writing my next blog post. That should exemplify how serious this shiz is about to get.

Watch this space.

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