I went on a trip and met some people

20 years old, male, working as a nurse, going to start studying surgery next year. We met on the train, and started talking because I cracked my knuckles loudly. He was going to visit his girlfriend. We chatted for maybe half an hour, he declined my offer of lolly snakes, and then we said goodbye.

Christine. 31 years old, traveling to New Zealand and Australia from New York. Looks like she’s about 22. We were sharing a room at the backpacker hostel I was staying in. She told me that going out for a meal in Australia is much more expensive then going out in New York, despite the similar food culture. I went home, and she left to go stay at Kings Cross. My last words were “Please don’t get murdered, because you seem very nice.”

Syd and Lauren from Brisbane. Members of Socialist Alternative. We met in the park and ended up sitting on the grass, debating politics. He was a student, she worked with Aboriginal people. They invited me to go along to a Socialist meeting being held later in the day. I declined.

Vivian. From Melbourne. For one night she stayed in the same room as me and Christine. She told me about a Harry Potter exhibition that was happening in the city. She then left to go stay in a private room, and I didn’t see her again.

The guy in the elevator. We met in the elevator. When the lift stopped at level three, and no one got on, I made a spooky ghost noise and he laughed.  Later in the day, we happened to meet in the same elevator again. That was it.

The other guy in the elevator. I met another guy in the elevator. He asked me what my accent was. I said Australian. He was embarrassed. It was funny.
Because he was also Australian.

Jess and friend of Jess. Friend-of-Jess was a primary school teacher, Jess was her friend. I met them both outside of the movie room at the hostel. They were from Victoria. Friend-Of-Jess wanted to go teach in england for a few years. Jess liked books, and we got along well because of it.

I like meeting people. I don’t like forgetting them.

Obviously, many other more interesting and significant things happened while I was away, but those require more thought and time to sit down and document.

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