An Important Thing

Yahoo 7 News is shit.

Here is an example of their top headlines for today.

Meanwhile, while yahoo 7 are spewing out this degree of crap, elsewhere in the world

There are many reasons to get angry about this. Number one, I’m not entirely sure how to put into words just how unbelievably shit the Australian Media is. The majority of ‘major news’ on the mainstream commercial channels is just gossip thinly disguised as something to be taken seriously, and the really sad thing is that people do take it seriously. Should I ever make the dreadful mistake of reading the comments on an online news story or letters to the editor in a newspaper, the impression is that the worlds idiots have found a place to gather and grunt at each other while banging rocks with sticks. The propagandistic nature of commercial media just feeds the fire these under-evolved mammals are trying desperately to create. It makes me sick, it makes me rage, and it gives a seriously damaged impression of the state of contemporary Australian society. Surely there are not that many fucking idiots out there. Surely, this is not what we are now, a bunch of dimwitted, selfish, shallow, petty human beings who are more the ready to roll over and have whatever fucked up bullshit rammed down our throats.

News isn’t news anymore. It’s more about entertainment then facts. More about pleasing the brain dead masses then informing. It’s a fucking embarrassment.

So, Yahoo 7 would rather talk about some video footage they found of a couple awkwardly kissing, then about a Nigerian Bill that could repress the rights of countless individuals and take the gay rights movement back about 50 years. Talk about cutting edge journalism.

This brings me to my second point of rage.

IGNORANCE. Fucking ignorance. It’s the root cause of an infinite amount of problems and issues. To an extent I blame the media again, seeing as what they consider to be news has about as much worth as a captioned photo of a cat doing something stupid, but ignorance is unfortunately one of those things that comes down to the individual. For some fucked up stupid reason, some people don’t WANT to know things. They have their viewpoints, and anything that challenges that is unacceptable. They don’t want to hear about it. It’s frustrating as all hell when these stubborn bastards refuse to open their eyes to anything that goes beyond their own little bubble and face the fucking music. Worse then that is when you argue with these people and all they can do is shoot the same lines of propaganda that have ben fed to them by fucked up politicians or the fucked up media, or fucked up pieces of advertising, and even when you are about to contest these points, will still push them and stand by them and completely close off their minds to anything else. A prime example of this being, the carbon tax, with that mega dickhead Tony Abbot and the bullshit mining companies spewing bullshit to the masses and creating a cloud of fear and ignorance that quickly became like a choke-hold of concrete around the throats of the deathly afraid public. Using fear as a tool to get people onside is sickening. It’s a disgusting, manipulative thing to do and is one of the many reasons why i know have no respect for the Liberal party, the mining companies, or any other organization (like pubs and clubs Australia) who uses such techniques to get what they want, regaurdless of the consequences.

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One thought on “An Important Thing

  1. Totally agree. It’s nice to hear someone else say that they think Yahoo!7 news is shit.

    The worst part is the comments section. I cannot believe the racist/homophobic/sexist/redneck comments on there. It’s truly an embarrassment to Australia. No one else in the world (Yanks, Brits, etc) posts as many vile, redneck comments on news websites as Australians.

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