The Adventures of Last Night


Is more or less how i’m feeling this morning.

This is the reason I vowed not to do this again. The morning after a big night is just the most horrible thing. I didn’t even mean for this to happen! I entered the night with the intention of having a drink, but not getting drunk! Though turned out i really do not hold my alcohol well at all.

Because after just five ciders, a mouthful of vodka and a sip of whiskey, I was pretty far gone.

So here’s what I can remember.

I remember slapping a guy in the face pretty hard because someone said he was being mean to his girlfriend. Then i followed him around for he next five minutes apologizing.

I remember chatting to the said girlfriend and then rolling down a hill.

I remember hugging a lot of people. Like a LOT of people, and asking everyone if they wore cow.

And that’s about it.

I actually think that the way I feel this morning is less to do with alcohol consumption and more to do with extreme lacking of sleep. I really hate not having a decent amount of sleep. And I hate mornings for this reason. Being upright is painful.

I was up yesterday from ten in the morning, till seven o’clock this morning. In that time I attended my graduation, danced like a mutha fucka for a long time, then went out to another party where I stayed up being an asshole. I got home, slept for nine hours, and I still feel like i’m dead.

The moral of this story?

Me no be likey the parties.

That is all.

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