Plans and Sexy Talk

Hello hello.

So in my post HSC phase of life, I’m discovering that there are six and a half extra hours in the day that I now need to somehow fill in with something. Not being at school, while awesome, is also an unprecedentedly boring way to be.

Now I am doing stuff, like I have my two jobs, i’ve rearranged my room, and i’ve been catching up on some reading, but overall this only fills in a certain amount of time before boredom sinks in again.

And yeah, i’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time online pissing off my family by using up all our downloads. Mainly on youtube, but more on that in a moment.

I’ve decided what I would really like to do is something that ultimately is going to have a sense of achievement attached to it. Like, it’s easy to spend all my time reading and watching movies and generally being a massive slob, but there is no fulfillment or satisfaction about this. One of the reasons I enjoy working is because you have a purpose which you’re going about doing in as well as way as you can, and every two weeks you get a tidy sum of money in return. It’s nice. And you’re always learning, new skills, you learn about people, and of course working hard at something and giving it your all is really satisfying, and I think honestly does embody that sense of fulfillment.

So I like working, I like learning. I like making a conscious effort to improve myself as a human being. What i’ve been thinking about are things I could do, challenges I could set myself and skills I could try and learn to both fill in the days and have a sense of achievement about it.

If you have any suggestions, LEAVE ME A COMMENT!!!! Haha… yeah.


And now to the part we’ve all been waiting for, SEXY TALK LOL!!!

To my previous point about youtubeing the shit out of my internet. I’m subscribed to this guy called “Alex Day” or “Nerimon”. He’s a fascinating guy. I find him to be quite an interesting person. Anyway, his latest video touched upon the topic of girls and masturbation, and that inspired me to make this blog.

So I’m sure we’re all familiar with the stereotype about guys and jerking off. Got it? Good. Then there’s the female side of things.
I’m a girl. I masturbate. I’m not going to feel embarrassed about ‘admitting’ it because it’s not something to be embarrassed about. It’s natural, it feels fucking great, and quite frankly the fact that I apparently have to ‘admit’ that I masturbate is stupid. And yes, i do orgasm and it’s awesome. This whole ‘touching yourself for mild pleasure’ is weird. Fair enough if that’s all your after, but i live by the ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ philosophy. If you’re gonna do it, may as well chuck in some fireworks!
However, a few months ago at a sleep over, i asked my friends if they’d ever done it.
And they hadn’t.
Well, one had, but she’d never had an orgasm. She told me, and this boggled my mind, that she thought orgasm was only possible if you were actually having sex.

Oh gosh.

The amount of ignorance surrounding female masturbation astounds me. Looking back, I never knew what it was until i stumbled upon a particular thread on some teeny health talk forum. Even then it took a while to work out exactly what was what and what did what and how to do it in such a way that felt good.

The fact that I didn’t even know where or what a clitoris was is ridiculous. I mean, it sucks that when considering female masturbation, a lot of people seem to jump to the assumption that it means fingering ones self. The clit is a work of art and is seriously under-appreciated.

I feel like a lot of girls are seriously missing out on something that’s incredibly liberating, really taking control of your own body and giving yourself something highly enjoyable. All due to simple ignorance.

Ladies, we should not be embarrassed about this! Of course, it comes down to that age old question of how to make this an okay thing. Women should know what their bodies can do and have that power and control to make themselves feel good in a strictly sexy way. How to get rid of that ignorance and make it happen, well, I really don’t know.

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