The Wardrobe Experiment

This is a video I watched recently and it inspired me to do a little experiment.

After my final day of high school I wrote a post on this blog in which i bemoaned my lacking of clothes for real life. I would like to clarify something. When i said I had “no clothes” this was the cliché teen exaggeration. I did have clothes, just none of which I particularly wanted to wear. I think every teenager reaches a point in his or her life when t-shirts with sarcastic slogans just lose their appeal. Basically, my wardrobe at that time of life was a horrible mess of assorted adolescent styles, none of which were really appropriate for the adult I now wanted to present myself as.
Since then I have thankfully, gotten somewhat of a grip on my clothing situation. I’ve gone shopping a few times and have filled out my wardrobe with dresses and shirts and new jeans that make me look more grown up and actually  fit me properly, instead of being several sizes too big (most of my teeny clothes were intentionally unfitting, due to various insecurities).

Anyway, I watched this video and decided to go through all of the clothes that I own, work out what things I actually like and actually wear on a regular basis, and see how much was left.

And here are the results.

In total, I own seventy one individual articles of clothing. This does not include pyjamas, coats, underwear, or ‘sentimental’ items (such as my grad dress, the t-shirt and hoodie I got from the musical Wicked, etc.).
Out of these seventy one items, I sorted through and found twenty five items that I wear on a regular basis. Everything else I had either never worn, hadn’t worn in years, had holes or rips or was the wrong size, or I had decided didn’t suit me and so avoided if I could.

I found this to be really interesting. Quote often I find myself in the predicament of not being bothered to do washing and so Looking at a cupboard full of clothes and complaining that I have “nothing to wear”. Just because those twenty five items have already been worn and I don’t want to wear anything else.

I don’t know if I could ever get my wardrobe down to ‘six items or less’. Maybe twenty items if I tried hard, or ten if I was being really brutal.

So anyway, to carry on the ‘experiment’ further, i’ve moved the forty six items of clothing out of the way and only have the twenty five still in my wardrobe. By the end of december, whatever has not been salvaged from the remaining forty six will be donated to charity. If I want to buy any new clothes, it will have to be as a replacement for something I already own.

I don’t really like the idea of having lots of things. I think, especially heading towards my university years, having less clutter will be a more fulfilling and much more suitable way to live.

So there we go. A blog about my clothes. Gah.

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