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And I no longer have any shame whatsoever in saying that. For the uninitiated, Pottermore is a website that lets users directly interact with the world of Harry Potter, that is, you go to hogwarts, you get to be a witch or a wizard, you get to basically geek out over enjoying Harry Potter in a way that’s much more personally involved.

When it was first being talked about I thought it was a bit stupid and doing that annoying thing when a good thing (such as a fucking brilliant book series) gets taken too far and becomes shit.

Now however, i’ve gotten over that, and now i want in! Unfortunately the site is currently closed. NOOO…

So i sort of have to just hang around and wait.

In the meantime however, I was thinking about house sorting. I don’t know if you know this but there’s been a bit of snootiness going on with people being assigned into houses that they didn’t think they’d get sorted into. Seeing as the house sortings are basically a personality test, I find this really interesting because those people who are unhappy as to where they’re being sorted into are having their impressions of what kind of person they are thrown up into the air. The recurring trend so far has been that people have been sorted into Hufflepuff. I can kind of understand being annoyed by this. There’s nothing wrong with Hufflepuff (I mean come on. Cedric Diggery? Hello!) but it’s the least defined house. Being placed in Hufflepuff doesn’t really tell you much about yourself, seeing as it has the least amount of elaboration in the books. I think for people who were fully expecting that they were intelligent enough for Ravenclaw, ambitious enough for Slytherin, or brave enough for Gryffindor, being put into Hufflepuff who really don’t have those defining characteristics would be a bit of a mind fuck. As far as I can tell, Hufflepuff is kind of like the ‘nice’ house. It’s like a comfy little corner of the world where the leftover people belong. That sounds mean, but i really don’t mean it like that. Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw all seem to be a bit… elitist? Like, you have to be this kind of person to be in this group, meanwhile Hufflepuff is just nice, just accepting of everyone. I think that’s a good thing.

You can see that in the animals. Slytherin is a snake, Ravenclaw a raven, and Gryffindor… a lion? I’m going with lion. All these creatures connote that sense of elitism, that kind of cold unfeeling pride in being ones self. Meanwhile, the Hufflepuffs have themselves a lovely little Badger. And we all know Badgers are freaking adorable.

When I do get around to signing up for Pottermore, I will definitely report back with whatever house I get into. Personally i’m expecting Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but if I don’t get either of those, I probably won’t give a shit.

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One thought on “Pottermore

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Yea, dont worry if you get into other houses. Its your personality that puts you there anyway.

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