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Well hello there bloggy blog bob wot.

It’s been a while since I last posted, which should be an indicator of marvelous news.

Take a moment to scroll down this page a bit and there should be a previous blog post with my whining over studying for my exams.


THE HSC IS FINISHED!!!!! I am officially a free woman 🙂

And yes, it does feel fucking awesome. And yes, this does mean I will most likely be complaining about things aside from school from now on, including the following:

– Unrequited love

– Feeling generally pissed off with life

– And other general undeserved complaints about shit that really just don’t matter.

In other words, should be all sunshine and rainbows from here!

In all seriousness though, this blog has a decidedly self conscious air to it. As part of my new found freedom, I’ve been probably a bit too much time trolling the internet, sinking so low in my post exam slothing that i’ve even been reading Fan Fiction (I HATE fan fiction, so this is pretty weird decision making on my side of things). One of the things i’ve been doing is reading various blogs from various interesting people, and have to say that i admire how completely un-self aware (bad wording, i know) they are. They tell stories about their lives, about people, make observations. I wish I could do that, instead of sitting down to write a blog and ending up writing a blog about writing a blog.

I wonder if I have something weird in my head that makes me need to assure people of what’s happening and why. Otherwise i could just take my own advice of writing more interesting blogs instead of needing to sit down and explain the whole process out.

Does that make sense? It’s like nothing can be done without the reasons and the actions being acknowledged in some way. Also known as, my control freak paranoia has reached a whole new level of weird.

On other news, I am currently putting together a novella!!! My first proper potentially publishable work. Excited? YES I AM!!!

Cia 🙂

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